Welcome to Heat-Blok Products.Made from 14 oz. carbon fiber felt these products are the finest heat insulating products, ounce for ounce, obtainable today. Originally developed to block heat in my Volvo 1800 sports car I am now expanding into other models.

These blankets designed to fit on the firewall (on the inside of the passenger compartment). They are easily installed without complicated tools equipment.; Most installations take about 2 hours. In addition to the firewall blankets we now offer a transmission tunnel blanket. The combination of the two blankets will reduce heat and sound infiltration in the passenger compartment dramatically.

Firewall blankets are made from patterns for original OEM pads, (the original were a jute/burlap combination). These fit and work identical to the OEM blankets, only MUCH BETTER. The transmission tunnel blankets were designed specifically to fit each model.

Use our ordering screen to place your order. We ship via USPS Priority Mail for fast delivery (3 days maximum anywhere in the US).

Demonstration Video